Friday, December 28, 2012

A New Year's Gift To Everyone Who Stops By

I am still ridiculously excited about my latest novella seeing print and so far, quite a few people have downloaded it.  Since many of us have a long weekend ahead and the weather is rather dicey, it might be nice to have something new to read.  Something that might quicken pulses?  Even better.

So what could be nicer than a free ebook to pass the time?  Visit Smashwords here: The Charm: When Renee Met Caleb to get your free copy.  But hurry!  Once the clock strikes twelve and the  wheel of the year turns over, the offer expires.

Before I sign off, can I ask you for a favor?  If you read and enjoy  the first part of The Charm, please leave a review!

Offering my thanks and wishes for a happy, safe New Year's Eve!      
                                                                                                Faith Boxwood

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


My first erotic novella was released today on Kindle Direct.  I am incredibly excited about this. The idea of coupling supernatural fiction with erotic content is nothing new.  I hope I am able to make it engaging and at times even a bit funny.  Here is the blurb for the first of my series, "The Charm":

Renee thought she was just another city girl who had a knack for using the night life as a playground. As her adventures sometimes delighted her, sometimes provided relief for the random person she helped through her magical touch, she thought she had everything figured out. Then a mysterious stranger showed her the true nature of the talisman she had been given by a relative years ago. Given the chance, she has the opportunity to keep humanity peaceful, one erotic encounter at a time. Will she embrace her true nature and the randy members of her hometown? Find out in part one of The Charm!